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Nomadic Life Camp is situated in Ladakh eastern Changthang region about 15000 feet from sea level. It is near Tsomoriri Lake(240 Kms from Leh) and below Korzok village at an altitude of 4,595 m (15,080 ft) in Ladakh and is one of the largest of the High Altitude Lakes in the region.

Nomadic life camp is first camp in Tsomoriri Lake, korzok village and it was established in year 2002. The name is nomadic life because the people who own as well as working in it are nomad’s people from changthang chumur village and korzok with very warm heart.

Camping is situated near at fencing of bird centurion; you can watch many birds flying over camping.

The nomad people working in camping can also arrange the trekking around the lake for 1 week as well as horse riding and site seeing.

Nomadic life camp is also known to be the receiving many ministers of state as well as other states, also many more officers.

The Nomadic Life Camp is a standard Camp in the beautiful environs of Tsomoriri Lake. The camp offers the essential and the basic facility to its guests. The Nomadic Life Camp is located at Tsomoriri in Ladakh. The camp offers a range of facilities to its guests like attached bathroom, hot solar water bucket ,cold running water and medical facility.

About tsomoriri lake:

Tso Moriri or Lake Moriri , Wylielha mo bla mtsho), is a lake in the Ladakh part of the Changthang Plateau  (literally: northern plains) in Jammu and Kashmir in northern India. The lake is at an altitude of 4,522 m (14,836 ft). It is the largest of the high altitude lakes entirely within India and entirely within Ladakh in this Trans-Himalayan bio-geographic region. The official name of the land and water reserve here is the Tso Moriri Wetland Conservation Reserve.

The lake is fed by springs and snow-melt from neighboring mountains. Most water enters the lake in two major stream systems, one entering the lake from the north, the other from the southwest. Both stream systems include extensive marshes where they enter the lake. It formerly had an outlet to the south, but this has become blocked and the lake has become an endorheic lake. The lake is oligotrophic in nature, and its waters are alkaline.

Accessibility to the lake is largely limited to summer season, though village Korzok on the northwest shore and the military facilities on the eastern shores have year-round habitation.


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